Our goal is to keep your landscape in peak condition all year around.
This will not only make life easier for you, but will enhance the beauty of your home and just as important, increases the value of your property. We will develop a maintenance program tailored to your landscape and your budget:

Spring Clean-up

Designed to rejuvenate and refresh your landscape for the growing season: weeding, planting, mulching and pruning to prepare your landscape for greener days to come.

Summer Maintenance

Scheduled as needed, these visits will focus on your lawn care, plants, flowers and bushes by pruning, weeding and edging or any other need that might arise.

Fall Clean-up

Core Aeration, Over Seeding and Lime Treatment to prepare your lawn for the coming winter. Our Leaf Removal services begin as early as October and include complete clean up and disposal.

Winter Emergencies

Keep your property safe during snow season. Our snow removal services include: plowing, shoveling and de-icing/sanding upon request. We clean entrance/exit, sidewalks, driveways, decks, patios, parking lots, etc...