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Jorge Rivera has been working in landscaping since 1985 and in 1995 he decided to go into business for himself.
He started his business with a push lawn mower and one customer. It took him a full day's work for that half acre lawn, but after three months he purchased his own 36 inch industrial lawn mower. Once he had a better mower, the neighbors began to take notice and his client base began to grow. Within a year he had over 12 permanent resident landscapes which he maintained. After that, he acquired even better mowers, trucks, leaf blowers, snow plows and all the equipment needed to service not only residential landscapes, but commercial areas as well. As time went by, many of his customers began to request tree services, trimming & removal. Mr. Rivera enjoyed it so much he extended his business to include Tree Service. Since the year 2000, he has been a certified Arborist with I.S.A. Today, Rivera's Landscaping & Tree Service works on any landscape all year around: planting in spring, mowing lawns in the summer, removing leaves in the fall, and blowing snow off of landscapes during the winter. He even provides emergency landscape and tree service all year around.

Residential Landscaping

Caring for your home is essential for you. Whether you want to design the garden, trim the grass, or maintain a garden, our team is ready for any job. Once we have given an estimate of what is needed in your home, and how long it will take, we can start working. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Commercial Landscaping

As professional commercial designers, our Landscape team has the experience to start your project.
Install and maintenance sprinkler system commercial, implementation of design
commercial landscapes and more. Keeping your commercial landscape healthy with our services today.